Success! One Demand Met – Three To Go

The University has ceded to one of our demands, having reinstated fees waivers for colleagues who originally had them removed by their demotion to the role of demonstrator.

Clearly the University feels pressured on multiple fronts. This concession demonstrates that the University is beginning to cede to demands that they reverse the measures they have taken. It shows that we can have a direct effect in challenging the unfair actions of the institution.

It also is a sign that the University was not enacting a uniform policy decision, in that that fee waiver status was not reliant on being in an hourly paid lecturer role.

The University was in fact making a conscious decision to remove fee waivers from those who were vulnerable or isolated in the department in order to save money.

In this respect, the work of PWB and similar organizations continues. Colleagues have still had a 70% pay cut inflicted upon them and there is evidence that the University is rolling these measures out in other schools.

Join us at 11am this Saturday at The Level to march up to the Moulsecoomb campus, to tell the University that we will not stand for these attacks on teaching, working and learning conditions. 







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