UCU Betrayal 

Precarious Workers Brighton condemns Brighton UCU’s decision to suspend strike action at the University tomorrow26th April, and Thursday 27th April, because of an offer from the University that reinstates the promotions system for full-time lecturers, and reinstates certain union negotiation rights, whilst selling demoted Hourly Paid Lecturers down the river. UCU has accepted the University’s offer to contract an outside body to review the downgrading of lecturers in Computing, Engineering and Mathematics – indeed, it was UCU’s idea, gifting the University an opportunity to retrospectively legitimate their attack on precarious workers – because of a spurious explanation for these downgrades offered by the University. This means no compensation for those downgraded colleagues, and no guarantee of reinstatement to their roles.

This amounts to nothing less than a betrayal of some of the most precarious teaching staff by UCU, and their collusion with the very people who exploit us. Precarious Workers Brighton will be responding appropriately to this – watch this space. 



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